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What’s New on MLA Handbook Plus

Updates to MLA Handbook Plus as of December 2023 are listed below.

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Updates to the MLA Handbook on This Site

  • More than one hundred brand-new entries added to “Citation Examples” (appendix 2), many for works in languages other than English
  • Five new annotated papers added to “Sample Papers in MLA Style” (appendix 4)
  • The designation “foreign language” replaced with “language other than English” and, in relevant contexts, “non-English language”
  • New and expanded guidance on the following topics:
    • formatting headings (1.5), tables and illustrations (1.7), lists (1.10), glossaries (1.17), and appendixes (1.181.26) in research papers
    • capitalizing acronyms (2.65)
    • capitalizing abbreviations in titles (2.90)
    • translating titles (2.98, 2.125, 5.30)
    • styling ordinal numbers and numbers that designate ages (2.127)
    • styling months in the Publication Date element (5.77)
    • formatting quotations of song lyrics (6.37, 6.38)
    • avoiding citations in headings (6.43)
    • using notes to provide original publication information (7.1)
    • using more than one note in a sentence (7.4)

New Books

  • Second edition of the MLA Guide to Undergraduate Research in Literature
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