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Frequently Asked Questions


How can my institution subscribe to Handbook Plus?

Access to MLA Handbook Plus is through institutional subscription. Librarians and other institutional purchasers may contact us at [email protected] to request pricing information or trial access.

Do you work with library consortia?

Yes. For information about consortia access, please contact [email protected].

Do you work with agents?

MLA Handbook Plus is sold by the MLA directly to libraries and other institutions.

How can students, faculty members, and other authorized users at subscribing institutions access the site?

IP-based access: Users can access MLA Handbook Plus when they are on their institution’s IP range, and they will also be able to access the site off their institution’s IP range by creating an individual account. Please see “How do I create an account on the site?” below.

EZproxy: If your institution uses EZproxy, users can also access the site this way.

OpenAthens: Remote access is now available through OpenAthens.

Do you offer individual subscriptions?

We do not offer individual subscriptions at this time. If your school or other institution is interested in subscribing, they may contact [email protected] or sign up for a free trial or demo.

Do you offer free trials?

Yes, a free 30-day trial is available. Sign up on our Get Access page.

How do I know if my institution subscribes to MLA Handbook Plus?

If your institution subscribes and you are accessing MLA Handbook Plus through your library’s network, you will automatically have access to all content on the site. You will see a green check mark beside each chapter, indicating that you have access. You may also see the name and logo of your institution.

How do I report a problem accessing the site?

If your institution subscribes but you’re having trouble accessing the site, please let your librarian know.

For Institutional Administrators

For detailed information about setting up your account and getting the most out of your subscription, visit our Administering Your Institutional Account page.

What titles are included in the MLA Handbook Plus—Core Subscription?

The MLA Handbook Plus—Core Subscription includes access to the full contents of the ninth edition of the MLA Handbook, our MLA Guides Digital Literacy and Undergraduate Research, and a video course that teaches the principles of MLA documentation style through a series of short videos paired with quizzes, plus a final assessment.

How can I access COUNTER-compliant usage reports for my institution?

Visit the administrator dashboard to access your COUNTER5 usage reports.

How do I manage information about my institution?

Through your administrator dashboard you can register or update IP addresses, update contact information, change your administrator password, add institutional logos, and more.

Can I set up EZproxy or OpenAthens access to Handbook Plus?

Yes. Access through EZproxy or OpenAthens is now available.

How can I make MLA Handbook Plus discoverable to my campus community?

We encourage you to use our promotional and user-support resources to spread the word about MLA Handbook Plus. We are exploring options to make the platform available through discovery services. In the meantime, to ensure MLA Handbook Plus is findable through your institution’s discovery service, make sure you add it to your catalog.

Is a VPAT available for MLA Handbook Plus?

Yes, please write to [email protected] to request a copy.

Are MARC records and KBART files available for the volumes on MLA Handbook Plus?

Yes, you can download those files here.

For Individual Users

How do I create an account on the site?

Individual users can access Handbook Plus from any location after setting up an account while on their institution’s network. To do so, visit the site while on your institution’s network and click the Register button at the top right. You’ll be prompted to complete a short form and select a password. Once you’ve created an account, use the Sign In button at the top right to access your account, including any searches you’ve saved. You will be asked to reauthenticate the account every ninety days.

Is there a time limit to my individual access?

You’ll have off-network access to Handbook Plus for ninety days from the date you register. To extend your access, log in to your account while on your institution’s network.

How do I save searches?

Once you have created an account, click on Save Search in the upper righthand corner menu.

How do I change my password?

Select Reset Password on the log-in page.

Can I view the site on my mobile device?

Yes, the site uses responsive design, so the screen will automatically resize to fit phones, tablets, and other smaller screens.

Have there been corrections to the ninth edition of the MLA Handbook?

Yes. See this list of corrections that have been made in the ninth edition of the MLA Handbook since its publication.

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