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Administering Your Institutional Account

Have questions about setting up your free trial or managing your subscription? Answers to our most frequently asked questions are below. For other questions, please write to or use our contact form.

I submitted a free trial request. What’s the next step?

You should receive an e-mail from with instructions for setting up your free trial access. If you haven’t received the e-mail and it’s not in your spam folder, please write to

How do should I enter my IP addresses when I’m setting up my institutional account?

The following formats are accepted for IP addresses: (single IP address) (a few contiguous IP addresses)* (a single class C range) (a single class B range)* (multiple contiguous class C ranges) (multiple contiguous class B ranges)

The same IP address cannot be assigned to multiple accounts. If you are entering IP addresses as ranges, avoid separately entering IPs contained within that range. Note: Please do not check the proxy box as this is not intended for general IP ranges.

What is the EZproxy stanza for Handbook Plus?

Stanza information for Handbook Plus is available under the Modern Language Association listing on the OCLC website.

Why am I not able to access Handbook Plus through my proxy address?

Please make sure that the proxy box is unchecked in the IP address section of your Access Options screen. This box is not intended for EZproxy addresses. (If you are unable to uncheck the box, please delete the IP ranges and enter them with the box unchecked.)

How can I access COUNTER-compliant usage reports for my institution?

Visit the administrator dashboard to access your COUNTER 5 usage reports. Reports are available for a range of publication types. The most relevant reports for your MLA Handbook Plus subscription are these book reports:

  • IR Item Master Report
  • TR Title Master Report
  • TR_B1 Book Requests (Excluding OA_Gold)
  • TR_B2 Book Access Denied
  • TR_B3 Book Usage by Access Type

For more information on Counter 5, please visit the Counter website.

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