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About MLA Handbook Plus

The go-to resource for writers of research papers and anyone citing sources is now available online through institutional subscriptions. MLA Handbook Plus includes the full text of the ninth edition of the handbook and will soon host additional material, including other MLA guides and instructor resources.


  • Trusted: The only authorized subscription-based digital resource featuring the MLA Handbook will be available for unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Evolving: Get the same content as the print edition, plus seamless annual updates and forthcoming additional resources such as videos and companion titles.
  • Dynamic: Features an easy-to-search interface, cross-linking of related material, and a split view that lets students see illustrations while reading corresponding content.
  • Flexible: Whether on campus, at home, or in a coffee shop, students can access the platform from anywhere—perfect for remote or hybrid learning environments.
  • Affordable: Tiered pricing model based on full-time undergraduate enrollments.
  • Accessible: Meets WCAG 2.1 accessibility standards—ensuring that learning MLA style is available to all.

An Introduction to MLA Handbook Plus

Coming Soon

In 2022 we will begin adding additional content to the platform, such as:

  • Additional titles, starting with our MLA Guides:
  • A video course that will teach the principles of MLA documentation style through a series of short videos and quizzes, as well as a final assessment
  • Annual updates to the handbook
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