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MLA Handbook Plus

Welcome to MLA Handbook Plus, the Modern Language Association’s subscription-based digital resource. Now students and instructors can access online the new ninth edition of the MLA Handbook through their school’s library.

“My class of first-year students was really impressed by the number and wide variety of citation examples provided on MLA Handbook Plus, and the split-screen view made navigation easy.” —Amanda Kraft, research and instruction librarian, College of Charleston Libraries

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Browse the contents of the digital handbook.

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Get tips for using MLA Handbook Plus, and watch our video on finding citation examples on the site.

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The MLA Handbook is available in paperback, hardcover, spiral, and e-book formats.

Relied on by generations of writers, the MLA Handbook is the only official, authorized book on MLA format. The ninth edition builds on the MLA’s unique approach to documenting sources using a template of core elements—facts, common to most sources, like author, title, and publication date—that allows writers to cite any type of work, from books, e-books, and journal articles in databases to song lyrics, online images, YouTube videos, dissertations, and more. Emphasizing source evaluation as the cornerstone of citation, MLA style promotes the crucial skills of information and digital literacy.

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Make learning the fundamentals of MLA style easy with our instructional video courses.

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Companion Guides

Your subscription also includes access to the second editions of both the MLA Guide to Digital Literacy and the MLA Guide to Undergraduate Research in Literature.

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